Crescent-shaped Yoga Roller Massage

  • PURPOSE: Foam Massage Roller not only improve your health but also make you look cooler than going to exercise, workout, picnics, or climbing. 
  • SAFE: Many customers find assured to the material of massage tool, because we always choose the safest and highest quality things to make this products. The product is easy to use for customers in all ages.
  • EFFECTIVE: By keeping up with the trends, we have carefully considered and selected the unique products to meet the demands of workout not only for the professional but also the officer.
  • FIT: massage tool is supposed to be anti-age, regardless of age, easy for everyone to use.
  • Product Name: EVA crescent Yoga Roller
  • Color: Black Blue and Purple
  • Weight: 850G
  • Material: EVA and PVC
  • Shape: Foam roller

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